| 10 ideas to recycle the homogenized jars
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10 ideas to recycle the homogenized jars

10 ideas to recycle the homogenized jars

If we have small children it is very likely that we will have the house invaded by jars of homogenized . We can simply throw them away, but it seems like a bad waste . Alternatively we can make many small creations , useful or beautiful to see. Let’s see 10 simple ideas to recycle the homogenized jars .

We melt the wax in a bain-marie or in the microwave. So let’s pour in some drops of essential oil to perfume it. Fill it in the jars of the homogenized and place a wick in the center, making sure it does not sink. We wait for the wax to solidify and light up our candle.

We print an elegant label, writing the name of the bath salt by hand with a refined calligraphy. So we put the bath salts that we have chosen into the jars, filling them up to the edge. Finally we place a ribbon around the closure, making a bow. Here we have created a useful and original gift idea.

If we do not want to waste a large jar to get a few leaves of aromatic herbs we can use the jars of the homogenized. In this way we will obtain small plants, which will give us the right amount necessary for our kitchen. Let’s put them on the window sill so they catch their light. And we wait for them to grow up.

There are a thousand different ways to make party favors with the homogenized jars. For example, to give a classic and elegant touch, we can coat the jars with a crochet work. Or we can use colored crepe paper to make different shapes. Inside the jars we will put the sugared almonds and maybe even some dry trick.

Let’s take some wire and create a handle to the jars of the homogenized uncorked. Fill them with some flowers and hang them wherever we like using ribbons. To make them more cute we can attach a ribbon of the same color of the flower laterally.

With hot glue we attach a stuffing on the cap of the homogenized jars.So we take a fairly thick and durable material and, cut out for good, glue it over the cap. With these simple moves we have available a comfortable pincushion which is also a perfect container for the needs of the sewing.

When the ball gets to the end it starts to fall apart easily. This is a problem because it often ends up knotting. We make a hole in the cap of the homogenized jars, large enough to make the wool thread pass easily. So let’s put in the ball that is ending. In this way you will avoid breaking down and tangling.

The homogenized jars are small enough to be compact and contain the right amount of spices. We can color the cap and write over the name of the spice or aromatic herb that we decided to keep. If we make three holes in the center of the cap we will also have the practical dispenser.

Take the thin wire or a copper wire and cut at least 1 meter. Let’s take a spin taking the wire in the middle, just below the thread of the homogenized closure. Decorate with glass beads stacked inside a wire coiled around the thread or hung from the wire. We hang where we want and put a candle inside. Here is a small romantic lantern.

We make a pom poms with colored wool depending on the animal we want to make. For example yellow if we choose a chick, or white and black if instead we prefer a dog, and so on. Put the pom-pom inside the jar, close it and turn it over. Then glue the eyes, the nose and the ears directly on the glass. They are a very nice decoration for the bedroom of our children.

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