| How to create placeholder jars
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How to create placeholder jars

How to create placeholder jars

In recent years, more and more original ideas are taking hold to make placeholders. Years ago a piece of paper was enough with names written on them but over the years new ideas were born and one of these are placeholder jars that can be created not only at really low prices but also with their own hands. These jars can be made for many occasions , in this guide I will show you how to create three different types of jars placeholders for three types of different occurrences.

There are really a lot of ideas to make some placeholder jars for a wedding. The first thing to do is get the jars that can be bought in haberdashery or maybe jars of homogenized or jam or any type of glass jar; can be filled as you prefer, if the wedding takes place in a place where there is a typical product then the ideal thing would be to fill the jar with that product, for example chestnuts or honey. Filled the vase would be nice to decorate it with ribbons and maybe attach a parchment with a phrase chosen by the couple or with the name of the guest to whom it is intended.

Another occasion in which you can realize in a nice way the placeholders in a jar is the Christmas dinner or lunch. After you get the jars you can make them some candles. Obtain some red candles and dissolve them in a saucepan, then pour the hot wax into your jars making sure to place the string of the wick in the correct way, after which leave the wax solidify; in the meantime you can cover the edge with ribbons and red laces and if you prefer you could also close the lid and paint the name or maybe instead of using the special cap you can use a piece of cloth or jute and tie it with a ribbon.

The last type of placeholder jars we will discuss in this guide can be used mostly as a small tribute to children in communions or baptisms or even birthday parties. In this case it is not necessary that the jars are made of glass, they should also be colored and instead of a cap that comes off completely, even those with a hermetic seal are used where the can and the closure are always attached. They can obviously be filled with anything but probably the best thing is to fill them with simple candies or chocolates and at most add a small but small gift, a bit ‘like the surprise of the eggs.

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