| How to make a nutcracker with terracotta jars
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How to make a nutcracker with terracotta jars

How to make a nutcracker with terracotta jars

If you want to do something very original to decorate your home or your garden or even to give a gift to friends and relatives, in an extremely simple and fast way; you can use very simple terracotta jars that you no longer use and make nutcracker style statuettes. A very old manual creation style Here’s how to make it follow me carefully and in a few steps you will surely succeed in this venture.


  • terracotta pots, paint

First you need to get a 14 cm diameter terracotta pot, another 12 cm in diameter and the other 4, 2 and 5 cm diameter pots. Once this is done, he assembles the nutcracker, placing two large jars for the trousers, one of which is red and the other black, another red vase turned upside down for the bust and three jars for the arms. Knot two large wooden spheres that will represent the hands of the figure without cutting the remaining raffia threads. For the hair, paste the plush strips on the edge of the vase that makes up the head.

Finally, you will have to build the face of your nutcracker with the foam rubber mustache, nose and eyes moving, adding the features of the mouth and eyebrows. Fix the buttons and tie the lantern with a piece of residual thread protruding from one hand, adding a little glue if necessary to make the knot safer. Now you have to paint with paint the statuette that you have made, you have to paint your trousers all black, then the bust will look like a soldier’s jacket, so you can paint it the color you prefer, you can choose red, black, blue or white . Then you have to paint the straps and the belt to the waist.

Then with the color silver or golden as you prefer, you have to make some buttons on the jacket. Finally you have to take another terracotta pot of the shape you like most to form the hat of your soldier. Also this you can paint it of the color that you prefer. After painting it with solid color paint you can make decorations in silver or gold, depending on what you have chosen to make the buttons on the jacket. With this method you can create different characters to put in your garden in bellavista, they will make a great figure, you can show them proudly to your relatives and friends and surely you will have to do many others to make gifts. As you could see with simple terracotta pots and with your good will you managed to create a beautiful statue in nutcracker style not easily available.

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