| How To Make And Decorate Jars Of Cans
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How To Make And Decorate Jars Of Cans

How To Make And Decorate Jars Of Cans

For all those who love do-it-yourself and who can not wait to put their decorator skills to the test , but also for DIY newbies who want to experience their creativity for the first time, here’s a nice idea original that can also become an unusual form of recycling. Everyone will have found himself in the hands of the common metal cans that originally served to contain food or drink. Well know that those empty cans , instead of thrown away, can be transformed and decorated, so as to obtain small pots perfect to contain some aromatic plants . Let’s see how to make and decorate cans.


  • Metal cans
  • scissors or can opener
  • tracing paper
  • pencil
  • scraper
  • newsprint
  • spray paint for colored metal

To begin with, take a pair of sharp scissors or a can opener and carefully remove the tops of the various metal cans to be decorated, so as to transform them into a series of small containers that you will use as pots for seedlings aromatic. After that, carefully wash the cans with water and neutral detergent and dry them well, then place them on a piece of newspaper. At this point the cans are ready to be decorated.

To proceed with the decoration you have to get some metal spray paint or a spray paint gun that you will load with the appropriate paint. To color the pots of cans you can choose one or more colors of your preference, then spray them on the whole surface of the cans and then let them dry perfectly. You can decide to make a monochromatic whole and paint the cans with different colors, perhaps complementary. When you have completed this step and all the jars will be dry you have to decorate with various creative, floral or geometric motifs, the various cans-jars.

To reproduce on the jars the decorative motifs you have chosen, take a sheet of tracing paper and with the help of a pencil, draw the lines that make up the figures. Carefully bring back the decoration you have prepared on the cans and, at this point, using a special round-tipped scraper, you must carefully scrape the color that covers the traced decors. By pulling away the color you gave previously on the areas that make up the decorative pattern you will make sure that the original color of the cans comes out, thus emphasizing the same motif. The pots of cans are ready, now you just have to fill them with earth and pot the aromatic plants that you like the most. Good job!

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