| How to use glass jars on the best way
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How to use glass jars on the best way

How to use glass jars on the best way

The glass jars can be used for various purposes, not only for cooking, storing food, but also for furniture, adapting them to their own taste with a bit of DIY . If there are many possible projects, along this guide we will try to give you some advice on how to use glass jars in a creative way . Follow the next steps to discover the material you need and all the details of the case.


  • Colors for glass; sugar paper and decoupage material; stencil; cloth; bows and anything that suggests the imagination

If you already have jars with you to dedicate to this project, roll up your sleeves and stimulate your imagination: the original ideas are never enough, and the project described here can be a starting point to continue the creative journey with other delicious jobs. The prerequisite, in any case, is to make the jars not only beautiful, but also functional, so that their recycling is doubly successful. The first idea is certainly to use the objects in question for the cultivation of seedlings and flowers: in this case you just have to place the soil and the chosen seedling inside (provided it is adequate to the size of the vase). If it’s white jars, you can decorate them with a little glass painting or using the stencil,

The second recommended use is to turn the jars into small lanterns. To recreate a soft and romantic light applied, with the decoupage technique, of the sugar paper on the outer surface of the jar. We recommend pastel colors, such as amber yellow. Then place the wick inside the jar and admire the final result. If put outdoors, these lanterns create a relaxing effect, ideal for reading and for summer evenings with friends.

The third use can simply be that of an object holder. Also in this case you can choose to decorate the jar. The advice is to line the cap with a little ‘squared fabric, possibly in pink or otherwise with a delicate tint, applying a small bow of the same color on the outer surface. 
With a little imagination you can choose to use the objects in question for Christmas decorations, for Halloween, for Easter or for other holidays, referring to the decoupage technique and to the coating with materials such as fabric, just like the projects illustrated along this guide.
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